June Newsletter 2017

June Newsletter 2017

SWOC June Newsletter 2017



Volume 13 Issue 4 June 2017


                   Southwest Outdoors Club                                

                          P.O. Box 983

               Wheatley, Ontario N0P 2P0


“Working Together To Protect and Improve Our


President: Dan Reive 322-1213                                            Vice President: Dennis Reive 326-7430

Secretary/Newsletter Editor: Ken Koehler 825-7451

Treasurer: Sheilah Marans 991-7484

Membership Chairman: Leo Wybenga 965-2720

Directors: Jack Szorvas, Larry McDonald, Rob Dietrich, Peter Wood, Gerry Harvieux, Dale Wiper, Dean Ware


Upcoming Meetings

General Meeting:

June 13. Wheatley Legion. 7:00 p.m.

Executive Meeting:

June 27. Wheatley Legion. 7:00 p.m.


General Meeting Minutes: May 9, 2017

Attendance: 23


  1. Thank you letters sent to FROW, Liqui-Force, prize table sponsors and community volunteers who helped at the show.
  2. Rainbow release re-scheduled for May 13 @ 11:00 a.m.


Moved by Jack Szorvas, seconded by Don Wigle to accept the April minutes as printed in newsletter. Carried.

Membership Report:

Single- 88 Family- 50 Life- 1 Junior- 1 Total Membership- 140

A new electronic membership reporting system has been put in place by OFAH.

Old Business:

  1. Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show- a list of winners and thank you notes are being generated for the newspaper and club website. Two raptor shows have been tentatively booked for the 2018 BBSS. Any changes, additions, ideas for next year’s show should be sent to Dan Reive.
  2. Kids’ Fishing Derby, July 8- moved by Gerry Harvieux, seconded by Don Wigle to set a total budget of $5500 for the derby. Carried.
  3. Big Boyz Fishing Tournament- Larry McDonald, Richard Leslie, Brad Kirkpatrick, Robert Gagnier and Sheilah Marans volunteered to form the tournament committee. Moved by Ken Koehler, seconded by Rob Dietrich to set a budget of $3200 for the tournament. Carried. Chatham-Kent Tourism has committed $1000 for the derby. Dan Reive will contact Shannon Paiva re: how this money will distributed and C-K involvement.

The club website will be updated re: the 2017 tournament and information will be sent to the Wheatley Harbour Authority for posting on their website.

New Business:

  1. Wheatley Scout Volunteer of the Year is to be decided with an honour to be presented from our club.
  2. Two Creeks Conservation Area- the board is currently planning for their 25th anniversary and request assistance to help with updates to various parts of the park. Moved by Ken Koehler, seconded by Dale Wiper to donate $1000 to the Two Creeks Conservation Area. Carried.
  3. SWOC Barbecue- will be held on June 10 or 17. Final date to be decided at the next Executive Meeting.

Membership Participation Winners- Dean Ware, Larry Wales.

Moved by Brad Kirkpatrick, seconded by Leo Wybenga to adjourn. Carried.

Upcoming Events

SWOC Barbecue- June 17 at the Two Creeks Conservation Area. Time- TBA.

Kids’ Fishing Derby- July 8.

Great Erie Salmon & Pickerel Hunt- July 1 – 16. info@erieaumarina.com

Big Boyz Fishing Tournament- July 28th – August 6th.


Please contact Larry McDonald if you can help sell QDMA tickets. Proceeds from these sales come back to our club.


Executive Meeting Minutes: May 23, 2017


Dan Reive, Gerry Harvieux, Leo Wybenga, Rob Dietrich, Dennis Reive, Sheilah Marans, Larry McDonald, Jack Szorvas, Dean Ware.


  1. Delta Waterfowl funding request- this will be discussed at the next General Meeting.
  2. MP Van Kesteren’s response to Bill C10-A- Dan Reive conversed with Mr. Van Kesteren regarding the firearm marking system proposal. He is against this proposal and will voice his opinion on Bill C10-A.
  3. New wind farm sponsorship for club events- Larry McDonald was in contact with the Romney Wind Energy Centre. They will be donating funds for the Kid’s Derby and the Big Boyz Tournament.

Membership Report:

Leo Wybenga reported that OFAH Membership is in transition to a more computer friendly system, hence no final club numbers as of this time.

Old Business:

  1. Rainbow trout release- due to unforeseen circumstances, the fish release has had to be rescheduled to October. Date and time will be announced later in the year.
  2. Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show- trophy winners will be posted on the club website.
  3. Kids’ Fishing Derby- trophies and prizes have been purchased. Bikes are to be ordered. The Wheatley Scouts have volunteered to help with barbecuing lunch.
  4. Big Boyz Tournament- there will be no changes in entry fees and prize amounts this year. A few changes in cash prizes were discussed for 2018. Gerry Harvieux will order a new 4’x8’ sign.

Found: our big cheque used for photo opportunities.

New Business:

  1. Wheatley Legion President, Jan Watson, will be invited to our next General Meeting for a ceremonial cheque presentation from the club.
  2. Notice of Motion: Moved by Leo Wybenga, seconded by Larry McDonald that the club increase its annual donation to the Leamington Hospice bird feeder food supply to $1000.
  3. SWOC Family Steak Barbecue will be held on June 17 at the Two Creeks Conservation Area. Time TBA.


Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show

Results and Scores

Jordy Hope – typical whitetail deer 182 6/8

Moe Parent, Belle River – non-typical whitetail deer – gross 196 7/8, net 170 5/8

Neil Colenutt, Essex – moose – 196 0/8

Austen Laporte, Belle River – whitetail deer shed – 83 6/8

Austen Laporte, Belle River – typical turkey 59 2/16 (new #3 Ontario turkey)

Steve Branch, Kingsville – non typical turkey 98 6/16 (it had 7 beards)

Justin Hoekstra, Merlin – bear skull 18 4/16

Note: Keith Hicks – moose (from the Yukon) gross 201 6/8, net 198 4/8 (has to be from Ontario to qualify for our trophy)

Total number of entries – 74

Typical deer – 36; Non typical deer – 3; Typical turkey -12; Non typical turkey – 1; Sheds – 12; Moose – 8; Bear – 2


Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show Debrief

If you have a new idea or changes/additions for the 2018 show, please get in touch with Dan Reive.


SWOC Family Steak Barbecue

Saturday, June 17 at the Two Creeks Conservation Area. Members, spouses, and girlfriends/boyfriends are welcome to attend.

Contact Dan Reive – 519-322-1213 or email dreive@bell.net if you will be attending.


   Kids’ Fishing Derby

      Saturday, July 8

Wheatley Harbour

8:00 am – 12 Noon

Bait supplied. Rods and reels provided if needed.

*Free Lunch, Prize Table and Bicycle Draws*

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